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the surveillance. in the u.k. . leading telecom companies secretly british spy agency. traffic. washington debate over. under the rug along with counter snooping initiatives despite most people's apparent disapproval of. america keeps its citizens away from the middle east to an unspecified terror threat look at the butterfly effect of washington support for the rebellion in syria.
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world news live from moscow it's with me rule research and welcome to the program today. a fresh surveillance scandal is unveiling in the u.k. it's been revealed that major telecom companies are secretly collaborating with a british intelligence agency giving it unlimited access to your private communications this of millions of customers documents naming a rise in business vodafone cable bt among the company's eight. q to intercept much of the world's online and telephone traffic all of this though being leaked by the whistleblower edward snowden comes on the heels of previous revelations showing the agency was generously financed by the n.s.a. let's go to london for sara firth and her latest report on. these are three big companies and the four smaller companies really making up a large part of the high capacity undersea fiber optic cables that really make up
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the backbone of the internet's architecture now these fiber optic cables carry vast amounts of data for millions of uses back in june the guardian newspaper has revealed details of the c.h.p. is so-called data hoovering programs not this was where he said q it's alleged were able to tap into these five or optic cables and installed vast amounts of data for up to thirty days now this was named operation tempora and a german newspaper has just published what it's alleged is the most sensitive aspect of this operation and that is the name of the commercial companies that were passing along this information that telecommunications providers can be compelled to cooperate with requests from governments under the one nine hundred eighty four telecommunications act but what privacy advocates are really concerned with here is that these big companies haven't been giving enough of
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a challenge to requests for this large scale surveillance the companies have yet to respond to these specific allegations but the german newspaper saying that the details that they've gone through in this is from the big chunk of information leaked by whistleblower edward snowden prior to see his gaining asylum in russia and germany as they pursued this really shows now that telecoms firms were far more complicit in u.s. u.k. spying activities than had previously been a hundred million pounds were provided by washington to the. period of three years now they were payments that were made to secure access to the british and british intelligence gathering programs and returned it was alleged to teach he was required to quote pull its weight so you can see that really alone. lot of questions that can be raised again about that complicity between the u.s. and u.k. intelligence gathering and i think the levels that that has been going to and of
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course you've got this large amount of information that was leaked by edward snowden that's being came seeing now it has all these details coming to light it sort of seems to push it further every time is it more like this shed on the relationship between the two countries are to serve fourth reporting there and we had a chance to speak with a former m i five officer any marshawn or she says despite the fact that close cooperation between the u.s. and u.k. intelligence agencies is nothing new the latest revelations show it all in a whole new dimension one thing that people tend to forget is there is an old program of mutual assistance which was called echelon which was exposed in the one nine hundred eighty s. and then fed into the european parliament in the one nine hundred ninety s. which led to a report that said that europe should develop its own standalone internet infrastructure not depend on the u.s. infrastructure of course this came out just before nine eleven and was lost in the sort of security panic that happened afterwards so this will resistance have been
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going on for decades let's have no doubt about that and it's also been a very good way for the n.s.a. and q. to circumvent domestic laws and domestic warrant to requirements so they can spy on each other and then feed each other the same the information they need back without having to go through the courts so it's always been quite a corrupt relationship however i think these revelations that came out in the guardian take it to a whole new level we are now looking at g t h q it's actually prostituting itself to the n.s.a. they are saying we can get around some of your laws we can help you we will go to the nth degree to help you give us your money. and i want to backlash from snowden's latest leaks as expected in the u.k. and the u.s. government is diverting public attention from the much criticized practices artie's a guy nature can has a look at why people's discontent is simply being ignored. while edward snowden as the messenger remains the focus of everybody's attention the u.s.
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government is trying to kill his message or at least contain it senior intelligence officials have testified in congress so suring everything is done in accordance with the law congress has already killed the bill that would make the n.s.a. walk back some of its powers so as a no no concrete steps have been taken to rein in n.s.a. surveillance but call for reform keep coming lawmakers are putting forward new initiatives earlier this week the president met with members of congress specifically to discuss slashing containing the scandal of course attacking snowden is much easier for the white house than defending this surveillance state and here's what president obama said about that just in the wake of snowden's revelations and if people can't trust not only the executive branch but also don't trust congress and don't trust. federal judges to make sure that we're biting by the constitution due process and rule of law then we're going to have some problems
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on that trust issue a gallup poll shows fifty three percent of americans now disapprove of the government surveillance programs thirty seven percent approve another poll by the quinnipiac university conducted just in the wake of snowden's revelations shows forty five percent of americans say the government's anti-terrorism efforts have gone too far restricting civil liberties three years ago that percentage was twenty five so it's a massive shift in attitudes bomb makers certainly have to respond to their constituents concerns and we hear many of them say something has to change something has to be done but as longer snowden's own destiny remains the top story it will be much easier for the government to sweep the debate under the rug in washington i'm going to. let me have a chance to speak with. from the reporters without borders she thinks that washington's tough stance on edward snowden is a bit dissuading any potential whistle but i was from coming forward in the future
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. i just would like to remind you they're the most fair of war of war against we saw glowers scenes the. two as abducted in one thousand nine hundred seventeen. prosecution have been launched against we so blowers have been under the obama administration it's clear that the obama administration hopes that this war will discourage any potential we saw glow or two to reveal any information that you also have to understand that here and us any information related to national security is considered a secret is considered classy fight so everything is classified so it's really easy to become a creamy now in the eyes of the obama administration if you're revealing any information which are related to national security well in the meantime edward snowden's plight has now turned him into a vote you will start a new smartphone application called snowden run three d.
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puts a digital version of the whistleblower in a never ending chase from what appears to be a cia agent in the process so the man on the run is collecting u.s.b. sticks and computer laptops containing sensitive information players can also resort to a cold uncle putin option to get help in the in the form of a hydrogen bomb is also a restart button which allows players to try again if the character gets caught or something the game's design is seem to believe might actually happen to the real life snowden. now washington has issued a travel alert for u.s. citizens visiting the middle east and north africa due to an unspecified terror threat by al qaeda though with a specified time table that's just a day after it announced it's about to temporarily shut twenty one of its embassies
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in the region this weekend with the u.k. and germany closing them missions in yemen and the menace comes from the very groups though fighting on the side of the rebels in syria of course those being backed by the west the author and historian gerald horne he says he finds the whole issue rather ironic i think what does alert basically reflects is the fact that the united states' policy in that part of the world has backfired for example in syria united states has basically encouraged if not supported a war against the damascus based regime of all saw this is involved a number of u.s. nationals and european nationals going into syria to fight with the so-called jihad this is given to shot me armed to kind of back force this is such as they are in syria which is tied to al qaeda and iraq which in the last month has been engaged in the spate of car bombings in baghdad in the surrounding region so it seems to me
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the state department basically reflects a failure of u.s. policy now the backlash from the insurgent groups linked to al qaeda has also affected smaller communities in the region around two hundred kurdish civilians were taken hostage in syria at this following clashes with you had this shortly after one of the kurd leaders was assassinated really going to score points. considering the complexity of syria you have to understand that there are dozens of groups of people who are divided by either faith or nationality or ethnicity all of them are also involved in this bitter battle which has been going on in the country for the last couple of years kurds are among the biggest ethnic groups kurds how are actually the largest nation in the world that does not have a state the dream of statehood is something that kurds have entertained for hundreds of years they are originating in iraq turkey and in syria now increasingly kurds in syria are coming under under extreme pressure from the radical groups which have permeated syria and are affiliated with al qaida recently severe clashes
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have broken out in several villages on the border between syria and turkey primarily in the northern all the province several hundred kurds have been taken hostage by fighters of the loser front and they are also helping videos posted on the internet which claim to be pictures of kurds who have come under attack from the from the extremists truly horrific pictures now the kurdish militia has called them kurds in the region to unite in their struggle against the radical islamists or to lead it with al qaida forces are also dreaming of their own state and it's not other than syria that there are plenty to initiate their state out in fact they're saying they're going to get right to it immediately after ramadan ends and that is just in a week's time so the situation in that region is in creative incredibly harsh and literally boiling at this point as we're having this very having again hundreds of
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people of abducted from their homes we're also hearing about people being killed just for the simple reason that they're kurds and it really doesn't seem like anybody is especially paying attention primarily the western media there is very little information on the subject if you try to look for it. and it with the terror threat on the rise in the middle east across the atlantic domestic borders are being tightened to those not winning everybody's praise one of the very serious topics in the spotlight of today's breaking the set with abby martin have a look at this preview. while we focus on the threat of terrorism abroad seems like things are missed here at home exactly what my next guest has experienced first hand as she worked as a customs and border protection officer on the border of mexico we had very specific alerts that on fourth of july two thousand and four members of al qaeda were planning to cross the borders into the united states using our land borders was mexico and on that date i saw that twenty three people from terrorist countries where allowed to enter the united states and none of the proper checks were done
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they were not enrolled in any databases no one bothered to take their fingerprints they were pretty much just flashed across and no one knew about it when i brought it up to the port director who told me to take it to intel law and behold on this date of special importance everyone in intel was given the day off their door was closed and i reported this to the f.b.i.'s joint terrorism task force and myself became the enemy of the state for embarrassing homeland security and so instead of investigating that which they closed was no action and no investigation they opened fifty four investigations against me and they sent a black hawk helicopter to raid my home they had my husband and i twice maliciously prosecuted and imprisoned and we had to fight back to clear our name. never seen anything like that. i
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think. it's good to have you with us here in our to today thank you for joining us and still to come for you this hour it is chief comments on the situation in egypt as the militant group's leader claims morsi is al sting was a western plot report in the continuing protests by the supporters of the toppled egyptian president just a few minutes time. also a distraught mother and a diplomatic wrangle the fight continues for legal aid to a russian programmer snatched by the u.s. from the dominican republic without moscow's concern. or even knowledge for that matter that is also ahead of you with the rest of today's top world headlines.
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we speak your language. news programs and documentaries in spanish what matters to you breaking news a little too much of angles stories. here. the spanish. visit.
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a very warm welcome to you from all of us here at our. chief is accused washington of conspiring with the egyptian military to overthrow mohamed morsi. made his first public comments on the situation in egypt since the ousting of the country's islamist leader and supporters continue to stage mass demonstrations across the country another night of on rest so police firing tear gas on one of the marches while the military warned to sit ins would be stormed. bell true has the latest from cairo. because we've had this sort of forty hour deadline from the interior ministry who said off the two days they will erect a sense of barricade around these two sit ins for the ousted leader mohamed morsy in the capital they've said this will mean that people can leave the city and then i enter it's a kind of besieging now in the run up to this we have had to mass protests in support of the deposed leader across the country thirty four marches in total one
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of them which ended up in the media production city which is in six books through the district of the capital resulted in clashes with security forces petri take asked the protesters that they have been attempting to set up a new situation apparently barricades as well as a direct intense which is why the security forces cracked down on mount speaking to protesters again one of the maintenance here in the capital they tell me that they will think about possibly setting up a new sit ins like this one the media city if these big cities here to another city and easier on cleared by the security forces in the next few days it's very tense here with the heavy deployment of troops and the military and expected clashes on the horizon when the interior ministry takes the plunge and actually does trying to evacuate these people because there are a lot of people in the streets as opposed to the ounce to be that there really are
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tens of thousands of you know women and children who are in these sit ins and you think go in all guns blazing it will be a bloodbath so we have to see how the situation develops overnight and in the coming days. and the many more stories for you right now on the website including for this hour a relief for gay rights campaigners in russia during the sochi olympics at all to dot com right now read about both the myth. on how the country is dealing with its equality movement and the drop a harsh criticism from the west. and have a look at our in the vision section it's where we've got stuck. pictures from global events including. government protest in rio de janeiro even had more.
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or less turn our attention now to the story of an arrest that's left the mother in despair in a foreign ministry. suspected of cyber for award was shipped to the u.s. from the dominican republic but russian officials as well as the man's family. a month later. picks up the story. he's accused of being a must to internet fraudster alexander punin is currently believed to be in a prison in the u.s. state of georgia extradited there last month from the dominican republic his friends didn't know what happened to him for telecommuters only after one month we found out he was indeed arrested and held there but that's all we know that even his own mother was left in the dark eager belzer was there when he was already on his way back to russia we were waiting for him at home but he didn't arrive he simply disappeared
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a king computer programmer from the moscow the twenty four year old was wanted for embezzlement through internet scams used on banks including u.s. ones of at least five million dollars the russian government has lashed out at the u.s. saying he was snatched without their knowledge plus cash and was about somewhere to your well once again faced with the rest of the russian citizen on the u.s. warrant in a third country who considered this practice which has become a vicious tendency completely unacceptable. referring to a bilateral agreement in one thousand nine hundred nine russia's foreign ministry says the u.s. should have told them about russian nationals they wanted to arrest when we asked the u.s. embassy in moscow about the matter they declined to comment none of it helps alexander's mother who remains convinced of her son's innocence can write anything and i don't believe his soul so much money i'm not saying that just because i'm his mother i spoke to his friend the one who invited him to the dominican republic and he asked if my son john had any money his events all me that he had been borrowing
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from him and then you. and there are more cases like alexander's says the russian government where expeditions have been made without them knowledge in july the russian dimitrios enough was extradited from lithuania after allegedly importing hundreds of thousands of pieces of military equipment from the united states to russia. and in two thousand and eleven a pilot constantinian to shinku was sentenced to twenty years in prison in the us after being found guilty of conspiracy to smuggle cocaine there he was extradited from liberia in may two thousand and ten in each of these cases the russian government thought that they weren't informed in time by u.s. authorities with edward snowden's asylum worsening relations cases like alexander plans will do little to help tom watson r.t. moscow. now into the eastern afghan city of jalalabad now to open up the r.t.
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world update or at least six people have been killed and more than twenty wounded after a bomb went off near the indian consulate and local officials say a number of children are among the dead the suicide attack was followed by gunfire near the diplomatic mission but reports say all the staff inside escaped unhurt of violence in afghanistan continues unabated and jalalabad has frequently been the target of taliban attacks. thousands of pro palestine supporters in the iranian capital tehran have rallied to denounce israeli politics in the west bank people carried banners and chanted slogans demanding a boycott of israel and the end of the occupation of palestine the crowd also called on governments around the globe to press television for a political solution to the continued border disputes that of the end of settlement politics. a black box recording from a spanish train which to rail of last week killing seventy nine reveals that the
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driver ignored three warnings to slow down the train was almost three times the limit when it flew off the rails a criminal investigation is underway and the driver has been charged with reckless homicide. in morocco where a number of people including journalists have been injured as police broke up a mass rally against of royal pardon of a spanish to the file the man was serving a thirty year. sentence for raping and children aged between four and fifteen but released by the king is part of a group of spaniards who the spanish monarch had requested to be pardoned for the move. back to the store across the country that morning the decision be revoked and the paedophile taken to prison. now because a report coming your way at twelve thirty pm g.m.t. we're going to get any good news from max and stacey you'll have to wait and see. how was a surprise the financial news a man in china sent
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a six inch long worm removed from his brain now you might ask how is this good financial news quite obviously is proof that we can remove the six or analysis six foot long tape worm investing the vital organs of our global financial system and all the headaches and migraines that are bank failures and quantitative easing would disappear he was suffering from fainting fits kind of like our market flash crashes and the thousand point drop in the dow back in two thousand and eight and then he was also suffering from painful migraines exactly like our financial markets but what is happened here is the so-called doctors of this financial system like the central banks and the treasury department's look at the system and they don't even look for the tapeworms but they just keep on throwing more nutrients at the system imagine having a kidney stone this size and having the past history year or year rethrow ok no chinese doctor in finishing powdering is going to be able to remove
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a kidney stone out of your reach for the size of this and this is jamie in the recent american economy is a kidney stone the size and measure of passing that through your your resume that's what jamie does to us every day that's the pain you're feeling in detroit that's the pain you're feeling is about he's just a pain you're feeling in your jobs becoming worthless all of this is it needs to be erratic. the kaiser report twelve thirty g.m.t. stick around for that if you for the meantime that we do take a close look at the ancient custom of a bloodline feuds in russia's caucasus region and ultimately how they're adjusting to the twenty first century a lot from moscow to saute. good
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laboratory. was able to build the world's most sophisticated robot which fortunately doesn't sound anything. to teachers. who care about humans and. this is why you should care only.
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if he. says. cleaning his gun after being on duty is a matter of priority it's almost
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a ritual for him and he's helped by his seventy year old son. i want my son to be a soldier everybody in our family has been a military man. my father and even my grandfather and his time it's always been that way you could say our family loves weapons. and already disassembled a pistol by himself and each individual. he says it's not too heavy for him it's just his hands are too small. this mail is being prepared for adult life in chechnya several generations of the family have followed the chechen code every shooting is answered with another. they have taken revenge for each one of their murdered clan members.


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